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Advance Special Projects for Bolivia for 2009-2012

2010 Priorities

The following Advance Special projects have been identified by Bishop Javier Rojas and the Executive Committee of the IEMB as the priorities for 2010. When deciding on a gift to Bolivia, it is hoped that you will consider the following projects first. For a complete list of Projects and Missionaries, please continue to scroll down.

  1. Pastoral Salaries #05912A

    Most of the 31 national ordained pastors and the 11 student pastors work two or three jobs in order to support their families and provide for the basic necessities of life. Most congregations are too poor to provide parsonages or pastoral housing. Many of the National Pastors serve 10 churches or more. These pastors are also the teachers and supervisors of some 180 lay pastors in the more than 200 congregations of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia (IEMB). The number one factor in the high National Pastors to churches ratio is the lack of funds to pay additional trained pastors. Worse yet is the fact that the local lay pastors serve without pay.

    This project seeks to provide a viable income for the church´s ordained and student pastors so they can devote full time work to the church and to provide a small annual bonus for the unpaid local pastors.

  2. Church Extension #09735N

    The Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia (IEMB) has over 170 organized congregations, 50 mission congregations and various preaching points in Bolivia. Local congregations contribute basic construction materials such as adobe bricks, lime and manpower. In rural areas, the land is often donated. The national church will then pay for the roof. But the local congregations must look for ways to acquire the majority of the building and finishing materials. These local congregations, for the most part, are located in very poor areas, both rural and urban, and rarely have enough resources to provide for the complete construction of new church buildings and parsonages.

    This program seeks to stabilize Church and its mission while supporting the expansion of its ministry into other zones. The emphasis for 2010 is the expansion of the church into the southern Bolivian department of Tarija, along the border with Argentina. Tarija is the only department in Bolivia without a Methodist presence. To support the 2010 initiative, please be sure to include the name Tarija in the memo of your gift.

  3. Leadership Enrichment and Development #3020460

    Due to a lack of funds, church leadership - including local and ordained pastors, women´s group leaders and youth leaders – lack opportunities for training to improve skills needed to effectively serve their congregations.

    Under this program, workshops will be recorded and used to train leaders in isolated areas of Bolivia. In addition, books for a reference library, both for seminary students and pastors, will be provided to assist in the preparation of sermons and further education. Materials for the workshops and funds for transportation and lodging are provided for those needing additional assistance.

    Related to this project are the Youth Leadership Training Program (#12028A) and the Wholistic Development of Women Program (#07779A)

    The Youth Leadership Training program assists in the empowering the identity, spirituality and vocation of Methodist youth through integrated leadership training.
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